apon babuMy name is Ibrahim Kholil (Apon), the man behind this blog :p. I have a keen interest to learn new things about Tech and Digital Marketing and that’s why I am learning since 2010.

I always love to do research about Tech & Techniques. This continuous learning makes me confident about my passion.

So, In this blog, I will share my tiny knowledge about Digital  Marketing ( Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing etc), Blogging, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Google Adsense, WordPress, Make Money Online and much more.

My story:

I was born in Barishal and completed my study till secondary education in there.

In 2010, I got my first mobile. When my friends using their cellphone for listening and watching songs.

I had used it for research about, how to make a free website, how to make money online without investment.

After so much research, I had made my first website at WordPress.

In 2011, My father bought a desktop PC for me. I can remember that I had browse internet on my desktop through my N70 and PC Suite software. In this year, I had made my first self-hosted website and approved my very first Adsense account.

In 2013, I came to Dhaka for higher my education and admitted in Independent University, Bangladesh

as an Undergraduate student. So, in 2013-2017 I have got a huge chance to learn so many things about my passion.

So, I will share what I learned in my sleepless internet night.

Stay with me,

Apon Babu