How To Make Money on Fiverr- Advanced Fiverr Tutorial [A To Z]

Making money on Fiverr will not be that much hard if you are a hard worker and skilled person in your field. If you follow my post’s techniques then you can make money on fiverr from today. So, wasting time let’s begin……

Introduction of Fiverr:

Fiverr is a Marketplace where you can Buy services and make money through selling services. Since it is an online marketplace, Peoples are selling and buying online and technology-based services here. Now day’s freelancers are Making huge money from the Fiverr marketplace.

Suppose you are a Digital Marketing expert so, your service will be, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search engine marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Create Backlinks, Blog Commenting, Article Submission, and Guest posting etc for $ 5. Then if a buyer wants to design a Business card then he can buy your the service for $5.

The basic work in Fiverr starts with $ 5, from which it begins its nomenclature. Initially, the value of each gig is $ 5, but it is possible to get the maximum of $ 2000 dollars for each gig.

What are Fiverr gigs?

Sellers in Fiverr present their offer in such a way: I will make such a thing in exchange for $ 5, these works may be SEO, banner design, logo design, video making, website script writing, article writing, background voice etc. For each of your service, you have to create one gig.

If any buyer likes your service, then he will order your gig for $5, you can also sell some extra services.

Suppose your gig is to create SEO backlinks. Now you’re taking 20 backlinks in exchange for $ 5 in Basic, you said I’ll give you 50 more backlinks for extra $ 10. In this way, you can earn a lot more through the same gig.

After ordering your gig, the buyer will give you the information that you need to do to complete your work, for example; you have got an order for SEO gig, you will need the information about buyer’s website address, keyword etc. You have to complete your task within you provided time.

When the Gig will be delivered by you, the buyer will give you feedback depending on your work, Feedback Score counted in the scale of 5 stars, If you give quality work for the buyer, he/she will give you 5star out of 5 stars and try to get 5 Star Feedback from Buyer. The more 5 Star Feedback you have, the more order you will get in future.

How To Create Fiverr Gig

How To Optimize Fiverr Gigs

Gig optimization is the most powerful thing you have to do before publishing any Gig on Fiverr. It helps you to bring your gig up to the search result for a particular search term on Fiverr. Suppose, you want to sell logo design service through your gig. When a buyer searches the term “Logo Design” on the Fiverr search box. You will not get the desired sell if your gig does not appear at the beginning of the search result. Again, in many cases, it is seen that there are many visitors coming toward your gig but, the order is not placed.

My personal Gig Optimization Tips

Keyword Research:

keyword research for fiverr gig - dmrushDo research as much as you can before publishing your gig. The service that you want to offer, think like a buyer and guess a search term that by which word you will search for ordering you service.

Now write this keyword into the Fiverr search box and press spacebar before the keyword and after the keyword of the Fiverr search box, now see which keyword buyers are searching on Fiverr for buying gigs that you will offer. Try to think like a buyer, for next 5 minutes become a buyer and think, if you will look for a “logo design” service which keyword or search term do you use to search on Fiverr, I think now, now you got some keywords in your mind.

Note those keywords and search those key terms in various types of Keyword Research tools, my favorite tool is Another popular trick is to search the keyword on and see the related search suggestion at the bottom of search results page, you will get some idea from here. Now, the final step is seeing other competitors gigs related to your service. I think seeing others gig will give you the best idea to create best Fiverr gigs to compete others gigs. Take ideas from others gig, but never copy paste,  for copying others gig your account can be banned.

Please the titles, descriptions, images of those gigs carefully and use their tricks in your gig.

Gig Title:

Gig Title is very important because this title will make the buyer’s primary interest in your gig between thousands of gigs. So the title should be interesting and it should have a reflection of your whole gig. Must put your main keyword in the title of the gig. Since only 80 characters can be used in titles, so, avoid using keyword twice. The title should be Likable, interesting, and meaningful.

Gig Category & Sub-category:

Be careful about your Gig’s category and subcategories selection. Select categories and sub-categories which similar to your gig.

Gig Gallery

Gig Thumbnail is your salesperson. So try to create an eye catchy thumbnail for your gig. Give some time to create your portfolio to show the buyers that your gig is the best gig among others on Fiverr. If you want to sell Logo design service then Design a logo; give a picture of your own logo in Gig Gallery, because the buyer will take the idea of your work from this picture.

If you post photos from the internet and if the buyer can understand it then the buyer will not be interested in your Gig. Those who work on SEO can get rid of royalty free images from the internet and make use of the necessary editing you use Photoshop for getting best results. we can give minimum one and maximum 3 pictures in our Fiverr gig. The picture must be in JPEG format and the resolution will be 682 pixel X 459 pixels. Remember, this image will help you differentiate your gig from search results in other gigs.


Put your gig’s full details in description. Make descriptive descriptions with necessary bullet points, numbering, etc. Please refrain from writing any unnecessary additional words. Remember, the buyer will only spend 5 seconds to read your gig description, within 5 seconds the buyer will be interested in your gig. So highlight the part of the portion that you will provide for your buyer. Don’t use any hard words in the description.


The tag is also very important, use a compatible tag in your gig. Since you can use only 5 tags, please use the best 5 tags that let your gig rank on the first no of the gig on this keyword.


Many sellers do not use video in their gig; remember that if you use the video in your Gig’s sales potential increases by 200%. You can follow the following tips for creating Gig’s Video:

The video duration must be in 1 minute.

Please describe your gig on the video very clearly; in this case, the buyer’s confidence will increase.

Use good cameras and microphones to create the video so that the pictures and words are exposed.

Speak clearly in the video without saying anything inappropriate.

You have to say, “Exclusively on Fiverr” in your gig video. You can write this word in the video too.

What does Gig’s impressions, views, and Clicks mean and why are they important?

Whenever you go to My Gigs in Fiverr, you will see some of your Gig’s analytics data, including Impressions, Clicks, Views, Orders, Cancellations. These data are very important for a gig. These data are essentially your Gig’s data in the last 30 days, they are automatically updated.



When someone searches for a gig in Fiverr, Impression is how many times your gig has shown in that search result. The number that is shown here is how many times your gig is shown in the search results in the last 30 days. If your gig has more impression then your gig is being shown repeatedly in search results. Normally you can understand if your gig is first in search results for a good keyword. If your gig is featured or displayed on the category homepage, then it will also be counted as impressions.


Gig click is how many clicks you are getting after showing in the search results. When you will get clicks then you can understand that buyers are interested to buy your gig. So clicks very important. Higher the clicks you will get it the possibility to order you gig is more.

Many times people ask me that, their Gig’s impressions are a lot, but there are getting fewer clicks in their gigs, so what should I do. This means after seeing your gig in the search result, the buyer is not clicking because the Gig’s title and portfolio image are not interesting to click your gig. In this case, you can change the title and portfolio image of your Gig, you can get ideas from those who have your Gig related gig but never copy paste their gig.


There are many pages in one gig, such as Overview, Compare Packages, Descriptions, Reviews. Before buying the buyer will read your gig.  Views are also important too.


It shows that how many gigs you sold in the last 30 days.


Often your order may be canceled for various reasons. Here’s how many percentages your gig has received in the last 30 days. The less the cancellations rate of your Gig is better.

Payment Method:

After making money on Fiverr you will need to withdraw your money right!

You can withdraw your money after every 14 days after completing any gig in Fiverr, this time limit for top-rated sellers is 7 days. After receiving payment in your account, you can withdraw money in 3 ways on Fiverr – Fiverr Revenue Card/ Payoneer Master Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

Fiverr Revenue Card:

How To Make Money on Fiverr- Advanced Fiverr Tutorial [A To Z] 1After getting payment in your Fiverr account, you can apply for Fiverr Revenue Card( Payoneer, Master Card). If you already have a Payoneer account then, you can add that account to Fiverr. Those who do not have a Payoneer account, they can open a free Payoneer account by clicking here.

Minimum $ 20 can be withdrawn through Fiverr Revenue Card/ Payoneer Master Card


paypal-logo-dmrushIf you have a PayPal account then, you can withdraw your money directly to your PayPal account. To withdraw your first payment in PayPal account, add your PayPal account in your Fiverr account.

Bank or Wire Transfer:

You can transfer directly to any bank in your country. Fiverr charges $ 3 for withdrawing money through Bank Transfer.

Minimum $ 50 can be withdrawn via Bank Transfer.


Complete your profile 100%. Use your best smiley face photo for your profile picture; it will increase your acceptability to the buyer. Many buyers try to make sure that they are working with whom.Adopt all the tips above and create the gig, hopefully, you get a lot more orders sooner.

Fiverr Profile Level

Depending on the work at Fiverr, your level will increase. Fever seller has 3 levels, Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated and Fiverr recently added a level called Fiverr pro seller.

Level 1 Seller:fiverr-level-one-badge-dmrush

  • Complete at least 10 individual orders (all time) on Fiverr
  • Earn at least $400
  • Complete at least 60 days as an active Seller on Fiverr
  • 90% On-time Delivery over the course of 60 days
  • 90% Order completion over the course of 60 days
  • Maintain a 4.8-star rating over the course of 60 days
  • 90% Response rate over the course of 60 days
  • Avoiding receiving warnings over the course of 30 days
  • 10 Active Gigs
  • 4 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40)
  • 10 Gig Multiples
  • Send Custom Offers, up to $5,000
  • Earning clearance: 14 days

Level 2 Seller:

fiverr level 2 badge dmrushRequirements
  • Complete at least 120 days as an active Seller on Fiverr
  • Complete at least 50 individual orders (all time)
  • Earn at least $2,000
  • Maintain 4.8-star rating, 90% Response rate, 90% Order completion rate, 90% On-time delivery rate within 60 days
  • Avoiding receiving warnings within 30 days
  • 20 Active Gigs
  • 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • 15 Gig Multiples
  • Send Custom Offers, up to $10,000
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Eligibility to be featured at promotional listings
  • Eligibility for Customer Success program
  • Earning clearance: 14 days

Top Rated Seller:

fiverr top rated badge dmrushRequirements
  • Complete at least 180 days as an active Seller on Fiverr
  • Complete at least 100 individual orders.
  • Earn at least $20,000
  • Maintain 4.8-star rating, 90% Response rate, 90% Order completion rate, 90% On-time delivery rate within 60 days
  • Avoiding receiving warnings within 30 days


  • 30 Active Gigs
  • 6 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50, $100)
  • 20 Gig Multiples
  • Custom Offers, up to $10,000
  • VIP Customer Support
  • Eligibility to be featured at promotional listings
  • Eligibility for Customer Success program
  • Earning clearance: 7 days
Fiverr’S Another Profile Level is Fiverr Pro:

fiverr pro badge - dmrushI am sorry to say that, this section will be a little bit longer discussion than before, but I want to you to concentrate more because, who knows one day you can become a Fiverr pro seller. So, please concentrate this section and target from today that one day you will provide higher quality service and become a Fiverr Pro Seller. So, let’s begin

What does Fiverr Pro Seller mean?

Big buyers in Fiverr are always looking for very high professional services. These buyers generally agree to spend a lot more for quality service. Regarding those big buyers, Fever brings a new feature called Fiverr Pro. Those are the ones who provide high-quality service among them Fiverr give PRO status to the sellers. The Fiverr Pro status means that your service is very professional.

How to apply for Fiverr Pro seller?

Fiverr Pro allows you to apply any new old cell. You can find the application information and links to the application by clicking here.

What are those considerations for selection of Fiverr Pro seller?

Future Business Buyers always want the best service. Regardless of their demand, the pro feature is added. In order to become a Pro Seller, the application forms include Seller’s professional background, higher education, relevant projects, etc. Considering these data, the Fiver Authority will contact you later if you are selected to be Pro Seller.

What are the benefits of Fiverr pro seller?

Fiverr Pro Sellers are verified by Fiverr, which means buyers, will easily depend on your Gig’s service. Since you have a pro status, it means that you are different from the rest of the ordinary seller, you can add little more price in your gig because the buyer is watching you verified seller you will get a good amount of sales at a higher price. Your Gig will show the Fiverr Pro badge that will make you more acceptable to the buyer. At the same time, you will be given a dedicated success manager as a Pro Seller.

Is there any membership fee for Fiverr Pro?

No, there is no membership fee or no extra charge for Pro. The fee for all other Level sellers in Fiverr for the order, Pro-sellers will be charged the same rate is 20 percent.

In which category is the Fiverr Pro feature added?

Currently, Fiverr Pro has been launched in a few categories. Such as:

Graphic & Design> Logo Design

Writing & Translation> Articles & Blog Posts

Video & Animation> Whiteboard & Explainer Videos

Digital Marketing> Social Media Marketing

Later, the feature will be added gradually to all other categories. If you see that, there is no feature for your category, you can still apply for it. Your application will be considered when Fever launches the Pro feature in your category. So if you find yourself eligible to be a Fiver Pro seller, then keep applying for Fiverr Pro seller today without delay.

What should you do when the Fiverr will reject your application?

If you become convinced by your service that you are qualified to become Fiverr Pro and get ready after applying, and then you suppose to think again about it, you can fill up the application form again so that you can better reflect your abilities. You can also apply the application again and again.

Is that possible to make your present gig into Fiverr Pro Gig?

No Fiverr Pro Gig will be different from your current gig. You can apply for Pro-gig if your application is accepted by the Fiverr. So there is no chance to convert your current gig to pro gig.

So why are you late? If you are a good quality service provider and if you think you are qualified to be a Pro Cell, you can apply it today. If you have any questions about Fiverr Pro Seller in the comments section, I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. Hopefully, many of us will soon be able to become a Pro Seller.

How To Promote Your Fiverr Gig?

fiverr gig marketing-dmrushThere are many different methods for Fiverr Gig Promotion. I will try to give you some of the methods that I use for promotion of my Fiverr Gigs. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare, Web 2.0, LinkedIn, Quest  Answers Sites, Forums, Backlinks etc.

So without wasting time let’s get started!

Fiverr Gig’s Promotion on Facebook:

fiverr gig marketing on facebook-dmrushWe all are a Facebook expert! Facebook is very easy to use and can bring huge sells to you. We all know how much Facebook is powerful for the marketer. Though it is a social media, we can use this media for our Gig Marketing purpose. We know very well how to open an account, how to run it. So we went to the direct work without explaining it.

After creating your Gig, first, share your gig on your Facebook timeline. Then use the proper hashtag in the description of your post.

How to use the hashtag?

Suppose someone is looking for a Content Writer. Then buyers usually search on the Facebook search box and write Content Writer.

Now, if you post it as a #Contet_Writer hashtag in your gigs, then that person will see the post of your Gig.

As a result, you can get the order from there.

Firstly, find out the Facebook groups that are related to your gig. Join them. But many people are fools! They share their Gigs in Fiver related groups! Brother, there are all hawkers in there because they also looking for the order like you.

In this case what you suppose to do? So, now I am telling the tricks. Suppose your gig is about Content Writing, you can search the groups by typing it on Facebook, content group, article writing jobs, content writers etc will come in different groups. These are your target audience!

You should share your gig in these types of group. Remember, don’t spam in groups. After joining the groups create some value for the group, help others in the comment section, post some valuable tips and tricks

Now see which people can be your potential buyers. Build a relationship with them and add them together. Tell them about your services.

Go to the groups that are popular with your gig and increase your own engagement. But do not link to Gig You can give someone a help if you want.

Fiverr Gigs Promotion on Twitter:

fiverr gig marketing on twitter-dmrushI think Twitter is the best place For Fiverr Gig Promotion. Here you will get millions of potential buyers for your Gigs. If you follow my instructions, you will get the order for your gig from Twitter.

Step 1:

Create an account on Twitter and decorate your profile like an expert in your sector. Set a smiley face profile pictures of you. Try to give a great cover photo which is designed by you.

Suppose, you are an expert in Graphics design!  Write a short description of you on your twitter profile.

For Example:

Hi, I am ——–. I am a graphics Designer. I am working in this field approximately 5 years because I love to play with Color in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. If you want to see my latest works then, please visit my blog.  

Give your portfolio website or blog link in the website section.

Now try to post some of your works every day, post like:

Hey, I designed this business card last night. How was it please let me know in the comment?

Do want to get a business card like this?

You can order from here (Your Fiverr gig link with hyperlink)

Now, your profile is ready.

Step 2:

Now go to business-related profile like E-commerce cheek their follower and follow them. These are your potential customer. I recommend you to follow 100 people per day to save your account from getting banned. The benefit of following others is, they will also follow back if they like your works. So try to post daily and engage with them. Like and re-tweet others post.

Step 3

Now here is the best part of twitter marketing. By using this secret tips you can reach the targeted buyer through twitter.

Type these keywords one after one and find your job:

“looking for” OR “searching for” OR “are seeking” OR “am seeking’ OR “is seeking” OR “I need”
OR “we need” OR “they need’ OR “ needs” OR “I want” OR “we want” OR “they want” OR”
wants” “web banner” OR “banner ad” OR “website banner” OR “banner design”
For example, you are a graphics Designer. So, I will search these keywords like

“Looking for business card designer”, “Searching for logo design”, “Seeking graphics designer etc”.

After searching for these strings, I think you will get your desired buyer.

Fiverr Gig Promotion on Quora:

fiverr gig marketing on quora- smrushSo, first of all, what is Quora?

Quora is the best question and answer website. Here you can ask different types o questions and find the solution for the website. Here is the thing, like someone asked a question that, “Where I can Get a Business card Designer?

Now, what you can do now?

You can answer a question like,

A business card is an important thing for a company because it gives a good or bad impression to the clients towards the company or organization.

I have a professional team to design any kinds of  Business Card you.

Please contact with us here(give your profile hyperlink)

Fiverr Gig Marketing by Web 2.0 / Blogging:

web 2.0 has a great impact on make money on fiverr

  • fiverr gig marketing on web 2.0-dmrushEvery Fiverr seller should have a blog. Better to have a premium domain.
  • After that, decorate the blog like a professional. So, it will look like you are a professional skilled seller.
  • Depending on your gig topic write several articles on your blog.
  • write them in such a way that buyer will think that, you are very expert on this topic!
  • Before writing the article, does a little research word? Then you will understand that, by which keywords your potential buyers search on Google.
  • Optimize your articles by these keywords.
  • Now link your gig in the bottom or middle of every article.
  • Use good quality article rewriter if you are not good enough at writing.
  • Now optimize the site’s on-page SEO. Index these articles and blog to Bing, Google, Yahoo.
  • Make some backlinks as well.

Some Web 2.0 website:

Now see the magic!! You will see many views on your blog and your gig!

Reasons for Account Suspension:

fiverr Account-suspended- dmrushFreelancers working hard for a long time for creating a good profile, if the profile is become suspended for any reason, it is very difficult for a freelancer it is very difficult to start the entire task again. If you are a little careful about Fiverr rules, then you can avoid suspension of Fiverr account. Fiverr suspends the account for breaking their rules. Many of us work without reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service and unknowingly break the rule. Therefore, it is necessary to know the reasons why the accounts may be banned. Here are some of the things I have highlighted:

1) Sharing personal information such as email address, Skype ID etc is the most common reasons for account suspension or ban. No such information can be shared on Fiverr. Many people give this information via image or text file to the buyer. Remember that Fiverr is much smarter than you, so it does not matter for them to catch you.

2) Request a payment for a buyer outside of Fiverr, or agree to a request for a buyer’s request.

3) Having one or more accounts of the same person, according to Fiverr’s law, one person can have only one account.

4) Spamming inside Fiverr, sending unnecessary messages to the buyers, sending additional customs offers without any reason.

5) Fake Review, Fake Like, Fake Follower offer Gig’s service delivery service.

6) Fake Review by Mutual Order.

7) Using others copyright and trademarks content without permission.

8) Gig’s description, image or any other copy from someone else’s gig.

9)  Offers any kind of Adult / Pornography gig.

There are many more reasons to get the account suspended. Hopefully, everyone can follow Fiverr’s guideline so that there is no major loss due to account suspension.

Some Recommendations For Getting Success

1) how to success on fiverr- dmrushYou may only do marketing on Facebook. And doing marketing in a few places. At the same time, you should do marketing on Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, YouTube and other social media too. If you can’t, then you cannot expect success.

3) Short linking, I asked for marketing, check with the short link analyzes, getting more clicks from any social media. If you are getting fewer clicks from the media, communities or groups, then you suppose to understand that this groups and communities may not a suitable place for your marketing, change the place or group.

4) You may be sending direct messages for marketing, Write something catchy which will help your buyer interested in click on your gig. Just enter the interesting message.

5) This design was created for my latest client how was it? If you want to, then order me by this link:

While posting, post a nice design made earlier.

6) Last night I designed this business card for my local client. The client was 100% satisfied now your chance. You will get unique and professional design for your business from me

Just order by this link:

While posting, post a nice design made earlier.

7) Last month was my busy time for client service. Every client Here my last month job Do you want me to enter this design?

U can hire me, just order here:

While posting, create an image with many beautiful designs made beforehand and post it with it

8) If you are doing marketing one day and stop working, so no marketing results will be available. In any case, do not miss the marketing mission every 3-4 hours a day.

Marketing will bring work for you.

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