11 Grey Hat SEO techniques, can change your SEO experience

Grey Hat SEO !!! You are in the SEO industry and if you are not don’t familiar with Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO!!! I will say you don’t know anything about SEO. But, don’t worry, whatever it is, I briefly explain what Grey Hat SEO is.

What is Grey Hat SEO and Grey Hat SEO Techniques


grey-HAT-SEO-dmrushGrey Hat SEO Strategy is composed of White Hat SEO Strategy and Black Hat SEO Strategy. Typically, Grey Hat SEO techniques are used to maximize the use of White Hat SEO, which does not actually fall into the complete White Hat SEO and does not even fall under the complete Black Hat SEO.

For example, we know that articles are optimized by using keywords at a certain level in the article. Again, we also know that Google does not like “Keyword stuffing”, it’s a black hat SEO. To do Grey HAT SEO, use that much Keyword which will not bring you in the Black Hat SEO.

Today I will show 10 techniques that, which some people think Black Hat and some people think Grey Hat SEO. Let’s get started

Backlink from expired domain

This method is used by many big experts. There are many tools for finding an old or expired domain but my personal favorite tool is https://www.domcop.com/ and

  1. https://www.expireddomains.net/
  2. http://www.freshdrop.com/
  3. https://moonsy.com/expired_domains/

Pick one or two expired domains related to your niche, which have good trust scores and good backlink profiles. Then create a site with that domain to get the backlink for your money site from the homepage. Or you can redirect the entire site to E301 to reduce the cost.

N.B. If the irrelevant domain is applied to this technique, then it will become a Pure Black Hat.

The site shown to Google has been updated without updating regular sites

Google likes a regularly updated site. But it is not possible to update the site regular updates. So, the trick is you can show to google that you have updated the site without updating y our site. So, you have to do an easy task that is going to your site or blog and click “EDIT POST” then Click the update button without updating anything. But for this technique, you have to turn on your site’s time and date. This is will show to google that, your site has been updated.

N.B. This technique won’t work if are not turn on your site’s time and date.

Boost Ranking by Excessive Amount of Social Bookmarking

11 Grey Hat SEO techniques, can change your SEO experience 1This is a good thing that you are doing some social bookmarking but, if you do an excessive amount of social bookmarking then it will fall under Grey Hat SEO. On the other hand, it will boost your ranking. I have provided some Social Bookmarking site lists:

30 High PA DA Social Bookmarking Site Lists


You will get tons of Social Bookmarking site through searching on google.

Social Media Signal Hack

social signal - dmrushThis is so secret Grey Hat Technique and very useful. You can easily rank on the top page of google. Follow these simple techniques:

Suppose, your site is http://dmrush.com now create an excel file and copy 10-20 posts links with the title. Now install a VPN. Personally, I use Express VPN. Now set your VPN location the USA and then search the keyword title of your posts in google then find out in which page your post is ranked. To find out the rank of your post, you can take help of SERPLAB. After finding your post click and visit on your website or blog and try to stay at least five minutes on your site for better ranking. Share your post on every popular social site from every IP. To do that, create more and more social accounts. Thus, visit your posts and boost your rankings. Reset your VPN location before visiting every post.

N.B. Don’t visit more than 5 links to your site.

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Rank Targeted Page with Bridge Page

Suppose, you have created a post and you want to rank higher. You can rank higher this post on your website as well. Suppose you have created a post-A TO Z SEO tutorial or technique. This is your main post. Now you have to post some dynamic post I mean some small posts and now link your main post from those dynamic small posts. Do not give full information in those small post and link to the main post which will bring your visitors to the main page. This tips will work very well.

N.B. The bridge page is a Grey hat technique, but we unknowingly apply it. So you should apply appropriately.

 Boosting Ranking with Backlinks from the Broken Page

 broken-link-building-dmrushWe all know that building a broken link is a matter of time and effort. But today I will say a method, in that method, you will create a broken link and you will fix the broken link and pass the link juice. A very interesting method, when you take backlink from a known person, then you to give an article and from that article, you get a backlink. To do this, you will have to post an article when they publish a post, don’t take a backlink in that time. Just give a backlink to an authority site (dummy link). When Google Article and Backlink will be indexed, or after a few days (10-15 days), you will link to your money site by fixing that broken link. Then Google will think that you’ve got a link baked from a broken link.

N.B. Please do not apply this method to the site in the same IP address.

Comment on Your Own Site

This is another popular method; many big experts do not want to publish this method. We all know that Google robots can read comments. When Google’s robots come to your site and see many engagements, Google boot will think that users have liked your posts. As a result, Google itself will start to like that writing gradually.? You must use a different computer or use VPN for this. First, enter your site by searching your keyword in Google from a different computer, then make a comment, keep in mind, name – email – commenting IP, etc., are different.

N.B. Try to keep 50-100 wards in the comments. Do not put many comments in one day, try to do naturally.

Get Backlink by Donating charity institutions

Surely everyone knows the charity site, where can donate online. Find some of your charitable organizations near / relative to whom you can donate $ 2-$5. Donate to them, give them an article, write short thanks, an article on their site with a link. Link your main keyword in the anchor text. Do donate in some site, you will see the results?

N.B. Although the paid link falls within Blackhat, it is not Black Hat, even if it does not have any major damage to you. But do not take it at altogether, the link will be spam.

 Get Backlink from Question/Answer site

question answer site-dmruhMany people know, backlink can be taken from question-answer sites by answering the related question. First of all, open an account on the question/answer site and ask a question about your answer. Then 1 day after using VPN IP address, open another account on the site and answer your question. You received backlink, along with some other visitors to see if anyone else sees this question.

Some Popular Question Answer sites:




N.B. If you do not open the other account by using VPN or another IP account, then Question/ answer site will ban your accounts.

Write Negative Reviews

We all know that negative things go viral better than positive things. So, you can get huge traffic from writing negative contents because people love to share the negative things.

Cloaking SEO Techniques

The Cloaking is a technique for optimizing search engines in which the content or information presented to the user is different from that presented crawlers search engines (ie, spiders or robots) for better indexing. In other words, make modifications in the HTML to deceive the robots and that does not affect the users with the aim of distorting the search rankings.

What Google says about Cloaking

Finally, these are the Grey Hat SEO Techniques, I have tried all. Use these techniques carefully otherwise, Google will take it as a Black Hat SEO.

If you have face any problem to understand this article please comment below.

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