10 Advanced Ways To Make Money on Twitter [Secrets]

Do You Want To Make money on Twitter?

We all know that Twitter is one of the popular social networks in the word. Most of us use it as a great way to social interaction but maximum twitter users don’t about that, they can make money on Twitter by using their twitter accounts.

Before starting making money on Twitter you have to prepare your Twitter account. If your account is not strong enough then you cannot make money by using your twitter account.

Today, I will share with you that, how to get pay for your tweet on twitter.

Here is, 10 Advanced ways to earn money on Twitter.

1.Viral content Monetization:

Now, you can monetize your viral content through Twitter. For this, what you have to do!! The thing is so simple, Do come research that what is trending topic now because trending topic content goes viral easily!

Depending on different kinds of top trending topic just make some viral content and then post on Twitter. After monetizing your content on twitter you will get a tracking link from twitter. If your follower clicks the link, you will get a small commission for that.

You can get the Trending topic idea from Here.

You do not need a website for this. They will provide the link to promote your twitter wall. They mainly pay according to the traffic quality. Traffic quality divided into 3 parts such as; Tire 1, Tire 2, Tire 3.

Twitter provide more money Tier 1 traffic. They give up to 12-20 dollars per 1000 visitors. In this way, the traffic quality is lower as much of the revenues are decreasing. You will find a lot of such marketplaces as you search Google.

2.Sponsored Tweet:earn money from sponsoor-tweet-dmrush

If you have a good amount of targeted followers, then one of the best ways to make money will be the sponsor’s tweet on Twitter. In this case, you can earn more than 5 to 100 dollars for every tweet.

There are many marketplaces for sponsored Tweets only. If you search Google then you can find many such types of sites. Besides, you can get ideas from Fiverr by seeing the sellers.

Now I am introducing a great platform for Sponsor Tweet: 

Sponsored Tweets is a popular ad service in the twitter world that allows you to add ads to each post in your Twitter account and set prices for clicks per click. You can also decide what type of ad you want to display. For business dealings with Sponsored Tweets, you must have at least 50 followers and 100 Tweets or posts in your profile.

3. Make Money on Twitter by Selling your account:

make money on twitter-selling twitter account-dmrush.png

A targeted follower based twitter account can be a great asset to you because you can make money on by following other ways. On the other hand, if your Twitter account is more popular you can sell it for a high price if you want to sell it.

It’s like a niche site sales. If you have good followers and good audiences, then you can sell a Twitter account with $ 10-15,000 or more. The popular site for selling your social account is www.viralaccounts.com.

They will give you 50 dollars to 15 thousand dollars for one account. Occasionally more than that. Depending on your account’s followers and popularity.

4.CPA( Cost Per Action) and PPI( Pay Per Install):

earn money from CPA-dmrush

Twitter may be one of the most popular ways to earn money through CPA (Cost Per Action) and PPI (Pay Per Instal). If you see some types of post on Twitter like Free Gift card, free install, online survey most of them are CPA and PPI offers.

From which they can earn money $.01 to $25

0 if the followers complete the offer. CPA’s email and zip submission offers are more popular for promotion on Twitter.

On the other hand, mobile apps or desktop software is being installed by many people. There is also a minimum of 1 cent to 3 dollars for each install, according to the country. There are also offers in which installs $ 1 up to $ 30. Is.

Some Popular CPA networks:

  1. maxbounty.com
  2. cpagrip.com
  3. cpalead.com
  4. peerfly.com

5. Digital product Selling:

You can sell your own product via Twitter like eBook, design template, web template, any service you can provide through online etc.

Twitter is the best place to sell Digital product. I don’t recommend selling physical because of product shipping difficulties for developing countries.

However, you can promote DashShipping Business via Twitter.

6. Earn Money by Selling T-shirt or Mug:

Twitter may be another way of earning money by T-shirts or mug Business. There are many platforms like Teespring, Teezilly, Gearlunch, Sunfrog etc.

They are providing a good opportunity to earn money by selling their product. You don’t need to invest anything. Just create a design and upload it on those platforms and promote it on Twitter.

If you are not a Designer! Don’t worry, you can design anything only for $5 from here.

7. Affiliate Marketing:


Marketing is one of the most popular ways of Making money on Twitter because Twitter has so many potential buyers. Even if you do not have any product, you can earn a lot of good income through affiliate marketing by selling other’s product. Affiliate marketers lack the marketplace. Every good digital or physical product marketplace offers the affiliate program. There are so many affiliate markers in the world that, marketers earn millions of dollars from only affiliate marketing. If you want, you can sell affiliate product to your twitter account. We have so many popular Affiliate Networks like ClickBank, Jvzoo, Amazon, Commission Junction etc.

8.List Building:

website traffic-dmrush

There is a word in marketing “money is on the list”. So, you can understand how important the list building is. For longtime business, list building is so important. Other traffic sources are not in your control, but the control of this traffic is in your hands. One of the best ways to list building is Twitter. It is possible to get 100+ new Lead every day.

9. Drive Traffic on Your Money Site or Blog:

website traffic-dmrush

You can earn money by driving traffic on your own blog or others blog site. We all know that a site has no meaning without traffic. Traffic is profit.

So, you can earn revenue by driving traffic on your money site. Suppose, you can write some few lines about your blog then give a link to your twitter post.

10. Get paid on Twitter by Sharing Links:

We all are not expert in the online sector. This tips for those people who are not expert in this type of work like; Graphics Design, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Video Editing, SEO etc I mean any kinds of difficult works.

Now you can make money by sharing links. I think this is the easiest work for anyone. Let’s discuss some of those platforms for getting sharing links:



This is the best place to Make money through sharing links. What you have to do is, just shorten URL on Adf.ly and share those links on Twitter. You will earn money for every click on your shorted link. Join Adf.ly


earn money from twitter-adly-dmrush

Ad.ly is another important advertise service that will automatically add ads to each of your Tweet but, you will not get the money unless an advertiser likes your profile for advertising. If the advertiser likes your profile, you can tweet with ad according to your schedule for the tweet. You will get your payment after a specific time. Adly


There are also many other ways to make money on Twitter. For example, selling your profile banner space, direct buyer’s product sells etc. Our goal is to introduce you to these platforms. You have to do the rest of the work for income. However, we want to post detailed information on each platform. If you express your interest in this post like Like, Share and Comment, Inshallah will bring you detailed posts including tutorials on how we can earn from each platform very soon.

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