Top 5 Marketing Trends to act in 2019 You Must Need To Know

Marketing trends! We’ve seen phenomenal growth in the field of marketing. Now organic, paid, or social media marketing, an incredible worldwide growth is perceived with the most used device today i.e. smartphones.

Which marketing trend will be most important to your business in 2019?

Top 5 Marketing Trends to act in 2019 You Must Need To Know 1People are really interested to see what rocks digital world today. Since there are some activities amongst the line of digital marketing that work outstanding, and some activities perform surprisingly low. Through recent research, some results that appeared are quite surprising;

The first activity that ranked number one is, content marketing! Since we all understand that content marketing is an ‘engagement’ fuel that powers all digital communications from search to social to email marketing. Not only has it attracted clients but leads to conversion as well.

Second most important categorized is Big Data! Think like a marketer, it is highly important because we are aware of the potential of using data as it is an actionable insight.

To help explain the term Big Date, it doesn’t just refer to the data only. It refers to the challenges, capabilities, and competencies associated with the information storing and analyzing, helping you make the decision that is more accurate and timely.


1. Incorporating Marketing Actions into the Customer Lifecycle

As the world of digital marketing is rapidly emerging, methods like customer journey survey to set different buyers personas are increasing their importance. There is no denying that it helps us choose the most relevant marketing communication platform to communicate the brand message or offers.

What is lifecycle marketing?

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Lifecycle marketing is composed of three phases: Attract, Sell, and Wow. To further illustrate these stages:

Attracting potential buyers is the first phase where you gain the attention of the consumer who wants the products or services that you are offering.

In the Attract phase, you mainly perform three jobs. You approach your target audience, attract them to gain their attention through social media, webinars etc. and lastly, you collect leads.

Selling is the next phase in this model, where it helps businesses make your product or services the obvious choice when the customers are looking to buy, and all it takes is Educate, Offer and Close.
To explain, Educate refers to creating the campaign that consists the useful information. Whereas, Offer relates to the timing when you need to push the offers you have for your customers, which takes the insight of your customer’s buying process. Lastly, Close refers to closing the sale.

Wow is the last and highly important phase of the Lifecycle Marketing model to create high resonance is Wow. As it includes three main areas: Deliver and Wow, Offer More and Referral.

To further explain, Deliver and Wow refers to fulfilling your promises on time, and provide additional values that surpass the delight in customers. Whereas Offer more refers to developing tactics and long-term strategy for products and services to generate additional sales over time. Lastly, Referrals mean encouraging and creating incentives for customers and business partners.

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2. Integrating machine learning with marketing automation

What makes it important is that customization is what makes the difference when you approach your customers. Integrating machine learning can lead to personalization across the lifecycle in email combination.

The importance of personalization is derived from the findings of State of Email marketing report: around 50 % of the emails don’t use any targeting, about 29% use basic segmentation for targeting, while 15% use personalization to reach specific audiences within their database. This shows a great chunk of potential customers is missing out on opportunities.

3. Integrating social messaging apps with communications

According to Ofcom Communications research: more than 70% of the total mobile audience use Facebook Messenger, 62% use WhatsApp; both apps are owned by Facebook. Whereas, the Snapchat mobile app has 41% reach with 13 million unique visitors.

For inspiration, take the example of Pizza Hut using Messenger for booking tables.

4. Integrating search marketing trends with your content marketing activities

There is still one thing that is dominant on the digital sales channel, and that is search marketing. We know that social media is a great platform for engaging audiences with a brand and its awareness, but it normally doesn’t drive sales.

5. Integrating different data sources

The idea behind integrating different social media platforms with proper data analysis and management is that a huge chunk of the audience is present on these areas, reviewing hundreds of branding promotions appearing on their mobile screens each day. So, by adding these tools for integrating insights from different paid media ad, we can attract millions of customers and measure the results with previous sales.

However, these services are surprisingly expensive, as they are advanced analysis tools.

Summing Up

These are top 5 trends briefing how companies are looking to manage the opportunity of digital media, technology, and data, by collecting, analyzing and integrating it into marketing. There is no denying that the marketing view should be crystal clear so that marketers put customers’ needs first.

Today, marketers are expert in identifying and creating value-driven products but think about what consumers will do if they are not able to find the products or services that you are offering. Of course, they will move to competitors’ doors. To tap the market first, positioning your brand should be the first concern to better connect with consumers in the moments that matter most.

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