SEO Checklist to Get More Organic Traffic

SEO Checklist! Yes, you heard right. You may feel alone when the topic of On Page SEO Optimized Blog post comes up. The huge amount of information online can be overwhelming you.

But this article can provide you the ultimate SEO checklist of what you need to know to write an SEO Friendly piece of content and get more organic traffic.

So, Let's Follow the Steps of SEO Checklist:

SEO Checklist Keyword Research 

Select very good and well-researched keywords and phrases so that you can get more organic traffic on your website or blog from Search Engines.

What is Keyword Research? 

Keyword Research means selecting a good keyword for your content, which has a good amount of search volume, good amount of CPC (cost per click).

The main reason behind keyword research is to get more organic traffic from search engines with low competitive keywords.

Here is Brian Deans 5 Step Blueprint for Keyword Research

Best free tools for keyword research for me is:

Here is How to Use Google Keyword Planner Tool for Keyword Research

Try to put LSI keyword for ranking in multiple keywords in search engines.

Now you have a question on your mind that, what is LSI Keywords?

According to Google

LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. In a nutshell, they are keywords that are semantically linked to your main keyword.​​​​

The best tools I find for getting LSI keyword is LSIgraph it’s totally free.


On the other hand, try to use long tail keywords for ranking fast on search engines. Now again what is Long Tail Keyword?

Long tail keyword is those types of keywords that has at least three or more than that in key phrases. like " How to Get More Organic Traffic" on the other hand, keyword is like " Organic Traffic"

The focus of your SEO should be phrases not for the single keywords. How often can you search by just using a single word?

You need to attract traffic to your site that is actually looking for what your site has to offer. Use information specific to localities in your keyword. " instead of more generic like "Check out our product! "

Use analyzing tools to help you figure out the words that bring you the most traffic.

SEO Tips for Keyword Density 

Keyword density is an important component of search engine optimization. To keep out of trouble, at least 80 percent of your page content should not be keywords.

Your keyword density of your blog posts should be less than 1%. This will help you to safe from getting penalized by Google for keyword stuffing.

To check keyword density and other On Page SEO things, you can install a plugin called Yoast SEO. It is the best plugin to check  SEO kinds of stuff for WordPress blog.

Listen from Matt Cutts about what is the ideal Keyword Density of a blog posts.

Tips for SEO Friendly URL

Don't use dynamic queries if you can avoid it. A URL like

may not even be indexed. Your URL should be like this 

SEO Frienly url- dmrush

Actionable Tips for SEO Friendly URL

  • Try to keep it short
  • Put your focus keywords in the URL

To make certain pages easier to find for search engines, use the keyword in the URL of the page. If the URL has symbols or numeric characters that people don't usually use to search information, the page will not rank very high. You will receive more traffic by giving your site relevant keywords.

Tips for writing SEO Friendly Title and Description  


If you want to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) from Google and any other search engines then you have to put a great Tittle like Brian Dean, Neil Patel’ blog posts. If you don’t find good title for your post then you can take help of

Or you can read the post: 7 Free Blog Post Title Generators & Analyzers for More Traffic

Try to keep the length of the title under 65 characters.

Heading Tag

To highlight the various important topic, you should use heading and sub-headings.

Use H1only for your main post and use H2 or H3 for others point. Don’t use many more Heading tags because google doesn’t like it.

Here is Google’s former head of the webspam team Matt Cutts saying about Heading Tags

Meta Description

Write a unique meta description to ensure that different search engines will be able to understand the content on your website.

According to Google’s 2018 update, Google increases the meta description characters from 160 to 320 characters.

So, now you can write more eye-catching description than previous. Eye-catching description will definitely increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) because visitors or readers take decisions whether they read your article or not.

Here is Matt Cutts saying about Meta Description

Word Count Per Posts

The posts get prioritize and get rank higher in search engines which have more in-depth information. As a result, Long contents rank higher on google.

On the other hand, if you post more article less than 500 words, your site can get penalized by Google for thin content. Post at least 500 words to avoid getting penalized.

According to lots of research, the posts rank higher which have 2000+ words. 

Tips for SEO Friendly Multimedia Content for blog

Nowadays, people don’t want to just read the text, they want a post which is the combination of text and visual contents.

So, if you want that your reader’s concentration on your post then uses post related images, video and if you can design an infographic then put an infographic of your post as well because infographics increase the social share of the blog post.

On other hands, many people embed infographics in their website and the infographics owner get a backlink from that website.

You can try CANVA to design infographics or any others graphics related work for your blog posts.

You can find great info-graphics template from Create Info-graphics online

create infographics online-dmrush

If you include audio, Images, Info-graphics and video content, you should consider including detailed transcripts.

Search engines can then use those to easily find your content and place you in search results.

This is very important that all of your blog or website images have to have a related alt tag. Alt tags are basically a substitute for the image title and this SEO friendly to get more organic traffic.

Search engine spiders are reading these tags, Alt tag will help you to increase your websites ranking on SERPs.

Tips to Avoid Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes 

Although one of the most important things for your blog or website to rank higher in search engines is to check grammar and spelling mistakes in your article or blog posts but, many website owners or bloggers forget it or they won’t do it for laziness.

Your website should be very clear and easy to read by your readers, as well as the search engines. Your website will not rank well in search engines if your content is poorly written and is full of spelling and grammatical errors.

You can avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes by using either Grammarly or Ginger


My favorite tool is Grammarly.

Consistency about Posting Content on your Blog

Search engine bots seek out new content, so try to post content to your website on a regular basis. Also, having great content on your site on regular encourages will encourage people to come back to your site for more content.

As a result, your returning visitors rate will increase and Google will think that you have post valuable contents that’s why people return to your blog.

Get Social Signals

If you want to get rank higher on google or any other search engines then try to get social signals as much as you can. Because social signals won’t harm your website.

The social signals tell the search engines that, these blog owners sharing awesome shareable and valuable content.

So, what are social signals mean?

Social signals are the likes, shares, pins, votes of your post on various social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest etc.


In conclusion, there are no alternatives of hard working. Don’t run toward money, run toward the valuable content for your readers then money will automatically come to you. This SEO Checklist is enough to push you to the top in your field.

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